This past month has been a difficult one. During a time that’s typically marked with happiness and joy, we kicked it off with Eid prayers but with heavy hearts. By the time the Eid weekend was over, we not only continued to see the death toll and destruction in Palestine increase but we also saw protests and movements rise up all across the world in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

As a global Muslim crowdfunding platform, one of the most amazing things that we’ve witnessed is how quickly the community has come together. Our global ummah has increasingly raised awareness towards the issue, increased both prayer and collective du’aa, and also increased our propensity for giving to this ongoing cause.

We want to continue being a part of the solution, so to guide your donations in helping those in need, we’ve highlighted some recommendations below in ensuring that your donations are maximised:

1. Avoid Personal Accounts

As this is a region that is volatile, we need to ensure that all funds being raised are done so through a reputable organisation. Please ensure that any donations that you’re making are towards organisations that have a strong history of working in the region and not to any individual/personal bank accounts.

2. Understanding Needs

A way to lengthen your contribution to the ongoing situation is also by researching and understanding what the needs of the area and region are. Whether it’s medical aid, food insecurity, or educational needs, knowing where help is needed will help in ensuring that your money is being filtered to the most urgent programs.

3. Follow Guidelines and Regulations

This is a situation that weighs heavy on our hearts, but it’s also important to keep in mind that your efforts are kept within the legalities of your country. Please note that any donation/fundraising efforts are subject to US regulatory requirements in addition to any of your country’s local legislations.

4. Authenticity of Organisations

Before donating, please ensure that you’ve done your due diligence on the organisation that you plan on donating to. Ways to verify the legitimacy of the organisation includes:

  • Checking their social media accounts and posting history
  • Reaching out to people that live in the area/region where the organisation operates
  • Contacting the organisation directly
  • Asking for annual reports and updates
  • Engaging with them over email and social media

5. Partnering NGO’s

The more local that you can get, the better. Look into whether there are any organisations where you live making an impact in the region. This will minimise your workload and will ease your donations journey.

6. Donating on LaunchGood

All of our campaigns have been vetted by our experienced compliance team so that you as a donor can rest assured that your donations will be going to the projects and areas for which you intend. Our team works around the clock to review all campaigns so that your donations can get to the places that need them most.

Whether you’re looking to support the oldest hospital in East Jerusalem, or you want to provide medical aid and food packs to those in need you’ll be able to find these and other amazing causes supporting Palestine on our dedicated community page here.

During these challenging times, let’s not lose hope. Continue bringing awareness to the cause, increasing our prayers and collective duaa’s, as well as increasing our donations. And remember, the more informed we are about the organisations that we’re donating to, the greater the impact that we can have, inshaAllah.

Zain is the Director of Customer Success at LaunchGood. He and his team support campaign creators all across the world make an impact through effectively fundraising on LaunchGood.