Bondh E Shams and Launchgood are proud to have partnered together since 2021, in their mission to bring clean water and empower last-mile communities globally. To date, Bondh E Shams has provided 100 million cups of clean water to 100+ communities in Pakistan, Yemen, South Sudan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This impact and success are attributed to the generosity and endless support of LaunchGood donors, the Muslim community and the strength of Launchgood and Bondh E Shams’ partnership.


What is particularly special about this collaboration is that it has allowed scalable high impact and purpose-built new technology for off-grid and refugee communities. Bondh E Shams has developed a transportable all-in-one solar-powered water filtration unit, the OASIS Box. Each Box can be deployed in 7 minutes (on a water source) and provides up to 10,000 liters of 99.99% clean water daily for 20+ years.

As an example, during the Pakistan floods in 2022, Bondh E Shams launched an emergency fundraiser on LaunchGood that raised $113,687.

These donations helped bring 25 new projects that turned contaminated flood water into clean drinking water and saved countless lives.

Donor Transparency: Join A Community of Data-Driven Enablers

Collaborations like LGxBES allow for innovative solutions and greater resources to be brought to the table. By learning from the LaunchGood community, Bondh E Shams has focused on delivering verifiable and transparent impact, powered by technology. 

Each OASIS Box includes an internet-enabled live data monitoring system, mapping GPS coordinates, water output (liters per hour), and water quality all through our online impact portal - this level of transparency is a first in this sector. In addition, Bondh E Shams is soon launching weekly impact reports via email for all donors.

By pooling our expertise, resources, and networks, Launchgood and Bondh E Shams’ partnership, has and will continue to transform communities, break the cycle of water-borne disease, combat the devastating effects of the global water crisis, and ultimately help build a brighter and sustainable future for millions globally.

Adel works with LaunchGood in the UK and is passionate about supporting charities, community projects and faith-based organisations to reach their fundraising and strategic goals.