Author's note: Zakat is a sacred pillar of Islam and not to be played with. Only ask for Zakat if you're 100% certain your effort is Zakat eligible.

Lowest hanging fruit: Ask for Zakat!

The biggest missed opportunity we see with campaigns: they fail to let their donors know they are eligible to receive Zakat!

Zakat is 1 of the 5 pillars of Islam, and it's owed on wealth, not earnings. So even in a down-year every qualified donor has an obligation to pay their Zakat.

That means they're actively looking for good causes to fulfill this obligation.

You may think they're doing you a favor, but also you're doing them a huge favor by fulfilling those rights!

It's a win-win!

Zakat donations more than DOUBLE!

Zakat donations on LaunchGood are 2.3x higher than normal (non-zakat) donations!

Imagine you got 100 donations, all regular charity - that'd get you ~$6,000.

But if it was all Zakat?

Over $14,000!

Power of Zakat: Sending Aunty Rashieda to Hajj

Recently my friend & teacher Haroon Sugich reached out to me wanting to help an unsung hero in South Africa, Aunty Rashieda, go for Hajj with her elderly husband. We quickly crafted a campaign to raise $5,000, and almost as an after thought we had it reviewed and approved for Zakat by the LaunchGood Zakat scholars.

Within one day of going live he hit his goal!

When I looked at the donations, I was struck how many of the donations were marked off as Zakat: 75% 🤯

Would those same people have supported if it wasn't Zakat eligible? Probably.

Would've they given hundreds and thousands of dollars as their donation? Probably not.

Even in a down economy, zakat is owed and it's paid from accumulated wealth, not that year's income. So there's always plenty to go around.

Just make sure to ask for it!


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