We are so excited that Rasul Week is coming! For the 2nd year running, LaunchGood will be commemorating Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life over a week in Rabi’ al-Awwal. This year, Rasul Week will be held from October 18th to the 22nd / 12th to 16th Rabi’ al-Awwal 1443H.

There will be webinars for you to learn more about Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life and teachings, and engaging content throughout our social media channels to increase in our love for him ﷺ.

This year, we want to encourage you to take it a step further and be a mercy to all, just like Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was during his life! What do we mean? Well, we want you to start your own LaunchGood!

Instead of simply donating to campaigns (which is amazing mashaAllah and may Allah reward you!), starting your own LaunchGood will allow you to raise funds for a cause close to your heart, and you will rope in your family and friends in a project of goodness! Instead of waiting on someone else to solve a problem, you are taking charge and making changes in your community!

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“Whoever directs someone to do good will gain the same reward as the one who does good.”

How to start a LaunchGood:

Three fundraising areas in the world today that you can quickly help with are: providing access to clean water, providing care to orphans, and supporting refugees. If either of these three causes are dear to you, use one of our trusted, featured partners to raise funds for easily!

Simply click on the links below and the fundraising page will be set up for you. Continue reading below for tips and tricks on how to rally your personal network to raise the funds together for a good cause!

To raise funds for water wells:

  1. Bondhe Shams Solar Wells in Pakistan
  2. Pious Projects Water Wells in Mali, Africa
  3. Paani Water Wells in Pakistan

To provide care to orphans:

  1. Islamic Relief USA
  2. Spot Project
  3. Islamic Help

To support refugees:

  1. Droplets of Mercy (Uyghur refugees)
  2. Muslim Aid USA (Syrian refugees)
  3. Al I’tisam Relief Program (Rohingya refugees)

Alternatively, you can start a LaunchGood for a local organisation or a personal cause that you truly care about and which would be extending Prophetic mercy to all. Just reach out to our team and we will have a dedicated staff walk you through the process of creating a LaunchGood. 🚶🏽

Some Tips for a Successful LaunchGood

Fundraising can be daunting if you’ve never done it before — we totally understand! But we’ve had countless success stories from individuals who didn’t let their fear get in the way of doing good! They believed in the cause they wanted to raise funds for, and followed some tried-and-tested ways to reach their goal.

1 — Find a cause you are passionate about ❤️

When you are passionate about a cause, people can tell. You will be more persuasive when you are telling them about why the cause matters to you, and your sincerity will shine through. People give from their heart, not from their head. They part with their money when they feel an emotional connection.

Because their link to the cause is YOU, understanding why it’s so important to you will influence them to also care about it. Tell personal stories and use engaging pictures in your pitch. But most of all, be sincere.

This Rasul Week, think about the way the Prophet ﷺ cared about something or someone — maybe orphans, or women, or community building, or youth, and see if there’s an overlap with your own interests.

2 — Rally your network — send personal messages 💌

Once you have identified a cause you are passionate about, rally your network! (PS: You don’t need rich friends to raise funds!) All you have to do is reach out to your family and friends to tell them what you are raising funds for and how you are doing this to manifest Prophetic mercy during Rasul Week. (Who knows, it might even get them excited to start their own LaunchGood!)

Posting your campaign link on your social media page is not sufficient as the bystander effect might take place — this is when someone who sees the link will assume that someone else will donate to your campaign and so don’t feel personally invested to donate.

In our experience all these years, a personal message makes all the difference. Reach out to your network personally, and don’t be shy to remind people either about your campaign. Research shows that some people may need to be asked up to 7 times before they act on their intentions! Like the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his tireless da’wah efforts, get inspired by him when the asking gets challenging! 💪🏽

3–Create a little community out of this! 🥳

Thank your early supporters, provide regular updates on how much has been raised so everyone feels like they’re part of something bigger, and get them to also share to their network.

Giving charity can sometimes feel very passive. Starting your own LaunchGood and giving your family and friends a chance to do this together with you will give you a better appreciation for the hard work that charities and humanitarian organisations go through, but also be a precious, bonding experience.

Most importantly, think of how happy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ would be that you are trying to be a mercy to all, just like he was. 💚

Be a mercy to all this Rasul Week — start your LaunchGood today! 🚀

Ameera Aslam is passionate about telling stories about incredible Muslims around the world and loves working with her sincere and passionate colleagues. Outside of LaunchGood, she is an award-winning poet and a mountain lover. You can buy her book at www.desiringlightbook.com.