Being busy and hustling hard is glorified in our communities. When do we make the time to slow down and simply reflect? Do we know how our neighbors are doing? When was the last time we had a meaningful conversation with a perfect stranger at the local mosque, just to see if they needed any support? 

Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) served his Ummah daily. How can we bring these qualities into our lives to keep his Sunnah alive? 

At LaunchGood, we're dedicating September 25th to October 2nd to Rasul Week: a week to commemorate our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) and the beauty he brought to the world.

Meet Raisa and her awesome boys. Together, they raised funds for SMILE Canada, an organization dedicated to supporting youth and children with disabilities. The family set out to clean up their local community streets, create awareness around SMILE's work, and raise money for their programming, all at once! Not only did they clean up the community, but they were able to raise nearly three times their original goal!

By supporting community heroes emulating the Prophet's (peace be upon him) blessed characteristics, you can create real change. Making a difference and feeling connected to the Ummah doesn't require extraordinary actions - just small ones done with mindfulness, sincerity, and intention.

Start your own campaign or support community heroes today!

Sobia is a growth marketer at LaunchGood based in Toronto, Canada. She's passionate about helping others and loves llamas!