One of the five pillars of Islam is Zakat, an obligatory act that is essential to building a better society. It embodies both growth and support, urging Muslims to annually contribute a portion of their wealth to support those less fortunate. LaunchGood offers not only an introduction to its basics but also a platform for contributing to this charitable obligation.

The act of giving becomes a shared commitment to uplifting the less privileged. This collaborative effort fosters unity and empathy, encouraging a responsibility to create positive change. By joining hands on these platforms, individuals and communities contribute to a broader narrative of giving, highlighting the strength found in working together as a Muslim community toward a common goal.

Global Humanitarian Impact Through Muslim Platforms 

IslamiCity is inspired by the remarkable efforts of Human Assistance & Development International (HADI), which has been dedicated to aid and assistance since 1991. HADI Relief, no matter of race, religion, gender, or nationality, extends its reach globally through emergency relief and long-term development programs. Since 1995, IslamiCity's community portal has impacted millions of visitors worldwide! 

HADI Relief has a noble mission that revolves around upholding human dignity and providing assistance in times of hardship through charity, aid, and education. Originating in the early '90s, HADI responded to the difficulties of Muslims in emergency regions like Iraq and Bosnia. Achieving their goals hinges on partnerships and encouraging positive change through support, community-building, and education. 

Impactful Initiatives 

LaunchGood is a strong influence in the realm of impactful initiatives. One noteworthy success story is the initiative titled "Provide Iftar and Suhoor to orphans - 5000 orphans across 7 countries!" This initiative, presents the platform's ability to mobilise support and make a collective impact. Beyond fundraising, LaunchGood empowers people and organizations by providing resources and guidance, fostering a culture of effort and goodwill.

In essence, the collaborative efforts of Muslim organizations like HADI Relief and platforms like LaunchGood underscore the power of kindness, emphasizing the impact of giving and helping others on a global scale. 

Together, we are working towards making the world a better place. 

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