This may sound like a simple question but it takes an expert in both Islamic law and modern finance to answer it. So I knew who to ask; Shaykh Joe Bradford has a graduate degree in fiqh and ten years of professional experience in banking and finance. This is his answer:

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“I advise my clients not to pay Zakat on their 401k if they are younger than 59.5 years of age. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Zakat is only due on wealth that is fully accessible to and actively managed by its owner
  • Zakat is not due on wealth that is inaccessible, illiquid, lost, or that cannot be accessed without penalty
  • 401k plans are not actively managed by the employee and are subject to a penalty if withdrawn before the employee is 59.5 years old

Therefore, I advise that 401k accounts are not liable for Zakat if the account holder is younger than 59.5 years of age.”

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May Allah purify your wealth and place much barakah in it, Ameen!

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