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Young Muslims (YM) is a national youth organization that has been active for years now. They have established a network of local NeighborNets across the United States and Canada, each aiming to build a solid understanding of Islam among its members by helping them put these principles into practice. Young Muslims provide an Islamic atmosphere where they can form bonds of brotherhood with their peers. YM's vision is for American Muslim youth to collectively contribute to society with God-consciousness and a firm understanding of their Muslim identity. 

Their mission is to empower Muslim youth through companionship, mentorship, education, and service. YM's goals include thinking big and acting bigger, sustainability, diversity, tarbiyyah, and social impact. They are actively working on building internal and external resources for their expanding members, fostering a diverse environment inclusive of people of all backgrounds, and increasing the tarbiyyah of their members through mentorship, spirituality, vision instalment, teaching life skills, and providing a strong knowledge base.

Frequently Asked Questions about Young Muslims 

Being part of an organization like Young Muslims is a great opportunity. Below, we will list some answers to your questions, provided by members of Young Muslims themselves. 

How do I start a YM Neighbornet?

If you are interested in starting a Neighbornet, please send an email to the expansion team at From there, they will connect you with any local leadership that is close by and other resources you may need.

How long does it take to get started?

It does not take long at all. We just ask that the founders of a Neighbornet take the responsibility of maintaining the Neighbornet very seriously.

Are there any membership fees?


For this and more information make sure to check out the Young Muslims website.

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