On Tuesday, 29th of November 2022, people from around the world will come together to celebrate GivingTuesday, one of the most generous days of the year. The goal of GivingTuesday is for charities, companies, and individuals to rally together for causes they believe in and to show our capacity to care for one another. 

As the world’s largest Muslim crowdfunding platform, LaunchGood is an official partner of GivingTuesday and has been able to support numerous campaigns to raise more than any other platform on this day.

Last year on GivingTuesday, we helped campaigns raise over $1 million from donors in over 96 countries in a single day!

The LaunchGood Factor

GivingTuesday is all about supporting the causes that YOU believe in! When your passions line up with your beliefs, amazing things can happen. That’s why LaunchGood gives you access to the world’s largest active Muslim donor base ready to donate and share great causes with their networks. What’s the best part? On GivingTuesday, between 12am EDT and 11:59pm EDT on November 29th, we’ll be giving away prizes, all throughout the day!

“I like prizes, tell me more!” 💸

We don’t believe in the whole “once they’re gone, they’re gone” philosophy, so we’ve decided to run contests and hand out prizes all day long, unlike other platforms 👀. Read on to see the ways in which your campaign can win even more:

Yes, Prizes!📈

  • Leaderboards - We’re giving away $120k+ in prizes for the ‘Most Raised’ and ‘Most Supporters’ categories! 🏆
  • Wildcard Giveaways - We’re drawing 15 campaigns throughout the day to win $300 each as long as they reach 30 unique supporters. ❤️
  • Power Hours- There will be four Power Hours where you have the chance to win $2,500! 📲

Here’s more details of all the prizes you can win on GiveTuesday!

As we’ve already mentioned, GivingTuesday is all about increasing the impact and empowering the ummah to make a difference and LaunchGood will get you there. LaunchGood is here to make your GivingTuesday 2022 the most impactful one yet!

Click here to download your LaunchGood Fundraising Guide for GivingTuesday or click here to start a campaign.


You're also invited to join our Live Webinar to learn from the our experts everything you need for a successful GivingTuesday on LaunchGood - from contest rules to prizes you can win!

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Vasim is a Product Marketer at LaunchGood. He lives by the phrase "do good, always" and looks to always inspire those around him.