Every day on LaunchGood, we see special people take matters into their own hands to help change the lives of others. Meet Nurul Ain from Malaysia!

Over the last 10 years, hundreds of Muslims have sought asylum in Malaysia, fleeing oppression in Burma. The UN calls it ‘one of the world's worst humanitarian and human rights crises.’ Unfortunately, because they are refugees unable to go to school and whose families cannot work, many children and orphans are left to beg on the street.

In an effort to give hope to these children, Nurul Ain joined United Arakan Institute Malaysia - a local school that supports refugees - as a computer science teacher. It didn't take long for her to see just how eager these children were to learn. In her own words:

MashaAllah, on the first day as a teacher, the children greeted me with salams and huge smiles on their faces. They carried my books and my bag from my car and helped me set up the classroom, asking: ‘What are we going to learn today?’

Before I could even introduce myself, they asked tons of questions:

Can we use the computer lab?”

Can you come and teach us every day?”

The most ambitious one was, “Can you teach me JavaScript? InshaAllah, one day I want to set up a tech business.”

— Nurul Ain

For the last several years, as a part of her birthday celebrations, Nurul Ain has been raising money for various causes. This year, she chose to raise money on LaunchGood for her school. Because the school she taught at is primarily organized and run by volunteers and relies on donations, it was the ideal choice. Not only would the funds raised support the education of these children, but they would also provide daily meals, accommodation, uniforms, and so much more. And with the support of her immediate network, including friends, family, and colleagues, she was also able to claim 5th place on LaunchGood's Asia-Pacific 2022 GivingTuesday leaderboard!

These children are all amazing, and they mean so much to me. They taught me how to be grateful and giving. They even bought me bubble gum as a birthday present! Very thoughtful children indeed.

Nurul Ain's fundraising efforts have opened up a gateway of other support for the school as well. From supporters asking about volunteer opportunities and dropping in to visit the children, to companies offering to donate computers, her work has brought attention, support, and a ray of sunshine to a vulnerable group that's often overlooked.

There is incredible power in harnessing the generosity of your network. Whether big or small, every dollar counts! Start your own LaunchGood today, or donate to orphan relief campaigns by clicking here.

Ameera Aslam is passionate about telling stories about incredible Muslims around the world and loves working with her sincere and passionate colleagues. Outside of LaunchGood, she is an award-winning poet and a mountain lover. You can buy her book at www.desiringlightbook.com.