In the ever-evolving digital landscape, LaunchGood stands at the forefront of utilizing growing trends to enhance charitable giving. One of the most significant trends we embrace is influencer marketing, a powerful tool for raising awareness and funds. Here's why LaunchGood is a world-class platform that ensures the security and efficacy of your donations.

Embracing Digital Trends

At LaunchGood, we recognize the dynamic nature of the digital space and continuously adapt to leverage these trends for the benefit of our charity and project partners. Influencer marketing has seen exponential growth, becoming a key strategy in reaching wider audiences and driving impactful fundraising campaigns. We actively support our partners by sharing the latest market trends and facilitating collaborations with influencers and scholars on our platform.

Direct Fund Transfers

LaunchGood does not apply hidden fees when you donate through our platform. Unlike some platforms that route donations through third parties who promote campaigns, we directly transfer all funds to the intended charity or project owner. While we ensure direct fund transfers to maximize the impact of every contribution, external payment gateways apply a standard fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents to process your transaction. This standardized processing fee is typical for any electronic donation. Our primary goal at LaunchGood is to build trust and enhance the effectiveness of each donation.

Influencer Payments

We allow influencers to fundraise on our platform for vetted charities and causes they are passionate about. However, they do not receive fundraising payments for this from LaunchGood; it is a voluntary effort when collaborating with LaunchGood. If, as part of a non-fundraising initiative we pay influencers to promote LaunchGood's brand and products on social media, this amount is a set fee taken from LaunchGood's own budget and not your donations and it is advertised as a paid promotion.

Rigorous Vetting Process

To further ensure the legitimacy of our campaigns, all charities and projects undergo a thorough vetting and screening process before they are allowed on our platform. This rigorous assessment guarantees that influencers can only raise funds for approved charities and causes, providing peace of mind to donors that their contributions are making a real difference.


We rigorously vet charities and causes that join our platform and support influencers who voluntarily fundraise on our platform. LaunchGood is committed to being a reliable and transparent fundraising platform, utilizing an ethical approach to influencer marketing.

Foreed is our UK based Head of Influencer & Partnerships