When you donate to a cause or charity, it’s important that you feel confident that your money will be spent the way you intend.  At LaunchGood, we take special care to ensure a safe and secure platform for both donors and fundraisers, and to make sure that the funds raised via our platform are used for their stated purpose.

So far, LaunchGood has raised over a quarter of a billion dollars and counting from over 30,000 campaigns.  We have almost a million users from 151 countries, with support from a community of 1.8 billion people around the world.

We’ve done this by adhering to robust guidelines and a comprehensive compliance framework that is used to vet every single one of our campaigns.

How do we ensure the safety and security of our platform?

  • Every campaign is subject to a rigorous risk assessment which we screen against over 400 sanctions and global watch-lists. We also conduct criminal and law enforcement background checks.
  • We have implemented a staggered process with compliance checks at every stage.  These include: Initial review, ongoing monitoring, and finally a payout followed by a 6-month/ annual review. 
  • When a campaign is complete, we also require specific supporting documents from our campaign creators before releasing payment.  In the event that a fundraiser fails to provide documentation, we will proceed to refund their donors.
  • Any fraudulent activity results in a campaign immediately ending with all donations refunded. The campaign creator is flagged and banned in order to prevent them from creating any future campaigns.
  • These compliance measures have resulted in a chargeback rate of less than half a percent.
  • We also conduct ongoing monitoring and reviews to ensure the continuous safety of our platform and donors to the highest industry standards.

We always welcome help from our community.  Don’t think a campaign is legit? Reach out to us here: compliance@launchgood.com. We take community feedback seriously and will investigate all concerns thoroughly.           

Senior Compliance and Risk Specialist