IslamiCity Shares Poem For Bidding Farewell to Ramadan

As Ramadan is finished, what better way to bid farewell than sharing a well-written poem that marks the end of Ramadan? The poem shared on IslamiCity reflects the poet's deeply emotional and spiritual experience as they bid farewell to the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a sacred time for Muslims marked by fasting, prayer, and reflection. The poem captures a sense of melancholy as the month ends, set against the celebratory nature of Eid, the festival that marks the end of Ramadan.

The poem touches on the poet's disheartenment over the rapid end of Ramadan, their empathy for those who did not find relief or joy during the holy month, and their concern for the ongoing suffering in the world. It also expresses feelings of helplessness, guilt, and complicity in global struggles and oppression.

The poet finds solace in the spiritual aspects of Ramadan, such as prayer, reflection, and the recitation of the Qur'an. They long for peace and divine intervention, yearning for the mercy and guidance offered during Ramadan to continue. There is an overall tension between the joy of Eid and the desire for continued spiritual comfort and relief from worldly suffering.

Bidding Farewell Poem

Below you will find the poem written by Salah Dandan:

Bidding farewell to the month of the fast;
taking stock of my devotion.
You want to congratulate me- it sure went fast!
But I’m in no mood for celebration.

Don’t rush to wish me a blessed occasion,
after a month over too soon.
Yet forget those who found no relief in a setting sun,
nor joy in a crescenting moon.

Their souls, like shooting stars, light up the sky;
while our eyes look down in disbelief.
Our ears amplify the sound of recitation;
if only to drown out the wailing of grief.

Numbing my heart from the pain helplessness brings,
Observing celestial movements with precision.
Differentiating between black and white strings; 1

Knowing I can feast upon volition.
Not content with me being a passive observer,
They made me a partner in their oppression.
With levies my money funds the carnage,

My voice usurped to justify transgression.
What joy is Eid bringing?
What respite is it ushering forth?
Is it a pause, fleeting, from killing?

Or more suffering from south to north?

I’m sad Shawwal intruded upon us,
Causing Ramadan to pack up and depart.

Through its generosity I found solace;
Its Wise Reminder soothing a troubled heart.
The Forgiver calming my soul with its gentle sway;

Repentance outpaced by forgiving?

From everything you have asked He has given you;
in Ibrahim, countless giving.

Zumar, a balm for shivering hearts and skin
draw near and, in His remembrance, find a living.
Still seeking the Night of Decree ;
Longing for peace until daylight.

Weave a spider web for protection, I plead-
Cause nesting doves to take flight!
Forgive me for asking when relief will come.

For imploring, with insistence, Him whom I beseech;
Isn’t morning soon enough?
Isn’t divine deliverance within reach?

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