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IslamiCity shared an article titled “Giving Makes You Rich” giving is a powerful motivator for wealth accumulation, The United States is a highly charitable nation. In the article, it is mentioned that the Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, completed in 2000, shows that people who give charitably make significantly more money than those who don't. Research has shown that a 10% increase in income stimulates giving by about 7 percent, but people also grow wealthier when they give more. This is because giving pushes up income, not just vice versa.

Psychologists and neuroscientists have identified several ways that giving makes us more effective and successful. For example, research from the University of Oregon finds that charity stimulates parts of the brain called the caudate nucleus and the nucleus accumbens, which are associated with meeting basic needs such as food and shelter. Experiments have also found that people are elevated by others into positions of leadership after being witnessed behaving charitably.

The financial advantages of giving aren't limited to individual givers; there is evidence that donations push up income even more at the level of an entire nation's economy. Increases in G.D.P. and giving mutually reinforce each other: Economic growth pushes up charitable giving, and charitable giving pushes up economic growth. In short, giving plays a positive role in American economic growth and is a good investment for our country.

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