GivingTuesday is a global giving day aimed at charities, companies and individuals to rally together for causes they believe in and to show our capacity to care for one another. As the world’s largest Muslim crowdfunding platform, LaunchGood is an official partner of GivingTuesday and has been able support numerous campaigns in raising more than on any other platform.

In 2019, there was only one campaign from Malaysia that participated in GivingTuesday and in 2020, we decided to organise JomLaunchGood in conjunction with GivingTuesday, specially for Malaysian charities and organisations.

Seeing how it was successful in welcoming more than 30 organisations onboarded as compared to the previous year, we are extending JomLaunchGood to all countries in the APAC region in 2021 and now calling it JomLaunchGood X!

‘Jom’ is a Malay word which means ‘Let’s’. We are inviting every organisation across APAC to let’s LaunchGood!

The idea of JomLaunchGood X is in line with GivingTuesday where it is all about supporting the causes that YOU believe in! And when your passions line up with your beliefs, amazing things can happen. That’s why LaunchGood gives you access to the world’s largest active Muslim donor base ready to donate and share great causes with their networks.

Within 24 hours, organisations rally their best supporters to support their campaigns. The goal is to gain the most number of supporters or raise the most donations for a chance to win cash prizes and boost your campaign even more!

How you can win with JomLaunchGood X:

  • Leaderboards — Finish top 5 on our leaderboards (Most Raised and Most Supporters) and win additional funds towards your campaign with the top prize taking home an extra $4k! 🏆
  • Matched Funds — 30 matched funds to be given away by getting the minimum number of supporters or raise the minimum donations! A sure way to win, inshaAllah!
  • Wildcard Giveaways (GivingTuesday) — We are raffling $250 throughout the day. Get 10 supporters and you have a chance to win! ❤️
  • Power Hours (GivingTuesday) — We’ll be giving extra boosts throughout the day, so be sure to follow us on social media for your chance to win $2,500 for your campaign! 📲

Can I win even more?

Yes, you sure can! What makes it special for campaigns from APAC is that joining JomLaunchGood X means you are also joining the global GivingTuesday contest. The pool of prizes is bigger, up until $100,000! Your campaign can win whichever prize that is higher, either from GivingTuesday or JomLaunchGood X.

So as the saying goes, aim high and you will never fall too low! Aim to win big with GivingTuesday and fret not if you don’t, you’ll still win with JomLaunchGood X! We are all in to support amazing and hardworking organizations like you!

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Zahidah Azman manages campaigns from Asia Pacific countries. She loves being part of amazing campaigns and seeing them reach their goals.