We know that fundraising can be a challenge. In between the planning, strategising and executing, it takes time, effort and persistence. So we want to ease the burden off of your shoulders. As we approach Dhul Hijjah, we’ve brought back our Dhul Hijjah Referral Program so that you can make the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, the best 10 days.

What is the Referrals Program?

Maximise your campaign's potential with the Dhul Hijjah Referral Program. It's a fantastic way to engage donors and start ramping up funds before and during the Dhul Hijjah Challenge. For each new donor you refer to sign up for the challenge, your campaign will receive a $50 boost, provided they commit to a daily giving of $5 USD (or the equivalent in local currency, excluding tips). To make it even more enticing, we're offering a bonus boost of $1000 for every 100 qualifying donors you refer before June 21st. It's a win-win!

Dhul Hijjah Challenge? What’s that?

There’s a lot you want to achieve in the 10 most blessed days of the year, so we’ve got your daily act of charity covered for you. Donors can sign up to automate their giving throughout the 10 days, and with such blessed days on the horizon, what better way to get started?

Let’s do it! How do I get started?

  1. Go to your campaign, and on the admin panel click the “Dhul Hijjah” tab. Once there, scroll down to the referral section and create your own unique referral link. Don’t forget to save it!
  2. Copy your link and share it with your network
  3. Check back regularly to track your referrals on our leaderboard

It’s as simple as that. Remember, for every donor that you successfully refer up until June 21st, you’ll receive a $50 boost!

I got my link, but how do I get donors?

  • Charity starts at home: Start spreading the word (and your referral link) about the Dhul Hijjah Challenge amongst your family and friends. They can be an asset in helping refer more donors to sign up — meaning more money in your (campaign’s) pocket.
  • Giving Thanks: For every donor that donates directly to your campaign, reach out with a thank you message. You can also include your unique referral link and invite them to sign up for the Dhul Hijjah Challenge.
  • How about some friendly competition? Make it a team effort by engaging your network to help you top our Referral leaderboard and win a cool $5k. The more people you can bring on to help, the higher your chances of winning.

During the best 10 days of the year, maximise your time by taking advantage of the Dhul Hijjah Referrals Program. It’s a great way to give your campaign that additional boost. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

A successful campaign requires a team effort, so you can be sure that the LaunchGood team is with you every step of the way this Dhul Hijjah. Maybe you have a question, or you want to strategise with a real person, get in touch today and speak to our team right away.

Vasim is a Product Marketer at LaunchGood. He lives by the phrase "do good, always" and looks to always inspire those around him.