Without a doubt, Ramadan is the most blessed month on the Islamic calendar. And when it comes to fundraising on LaunchGood, the 30 days ahead of us represent the most significant period of giving in the year. This year we released our first ever Ramadan Giving Report 2022 where we dug into our Ramadan data from the past year and gleaned insights and trends into fundraising on LaunchGood during Ramadan. Read below to learn more!

Overall Trends

Whether it’s at your local masjid or even at home, the spirit of giving is in the air during Ramadan, and things weren’t any different on LaunchGood. 

  • Last year, there were 1.05 million donations made on the platform during Ramadan that raised over $47 million. 
  • The amount of money raised within Ramadan (30 days) was close to what was raised outside of Ramadan during the year (11 months!). This again reinforces how likely people are to give in the blessed month. 

Similarly, we know that Zakat is one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith and equates to Muslims donating 2.5% of their wealth to those in need. 

  • 78% of Zakat donations came inside of Ramadan which is a huge difference in comparison to the rest of the year which is only 22%.

Site-wide Traffic

  • On average, LaunchGood gets 591,642 sessions per month outside of Ramadan.
  • During Ramadan alone, the number of sessions shot up to 4,026,353 for just the 30 days.
  • This increase represented 62% of all sessions in that year.

Campaign Success

With the rise in donations and site-wide traffic, campaigns were able to achieve higher levels of success compared to other times in the year. 

  • Campaigns that were run during Ramadan experienced a 15% increase on average funds raised as compared to those run outside of Ramadan.
  • During the last 10 days of Ramadan, campaigns saw a 27% increase in average funds raised per campaign than the first 20 days. 

Dedicated Campaign Support Team 

What sets LaunchGood apart from other platforms is a team of fundraising experts situated globally that understand fundraising and the nuances that come with it. It’s their expertise which has allowed campaign creators to flourish.

  • Campaign creators that worked with our team saw an increase in the number of funds that their campaigns raised.
  • Small-sized charities saw the average amount their campaign raised jump to $17.7k while medium-sized charities saw a slightly larger increase at $19.8K for the month.
  • This is a significant increase when compared to the site-wide platform average of $6k. 

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Vasim is a Product Marketer at LaunchGood. He lives by the phrase "do good, always" and looks to always inspire those around him.