So you want to make an impact in the world but you’re working full-time or attending school, or both. Volunteer opportunities to pack food packages at a local Masjid seem to be at a time you are swamped with all your responsibilities.

And then you see your favorite charities hosting more and more campaigns helping the vulnerable get back on their feet, to which you’ve donated but want to do more.

Here’s how you can make a difference to causes that align with you, food packages and all: Peer-To-Peer campaigns. Speak to a LaunchGood Fundraising Specialist today!

Peer-to-Peer campaigns, better known as P2P campaigns, are like the handshake between you and these charities. Where you see assembly lines of people packing food packages for the vulnerable, these P2P campaigns are that but online. You are able to make a huge difference by connecting your family and friends and raising money and awareness on issues you care most about. And although donating is such a good deed, you multiply your deeds even more with minimal effort that you can afford with your busy schedule.

What’s the point of having more than one campaign if it’s all going towards one, you ask?

People trust you and you have an influence on your family, friends and followers. This will expand the reach that the charity wouldn’t be able to have without your personal links.

Picture a family tree because truly that’s what happens with these P2P campaigns. You get to link individuals wanting to do good with any charity you host a campaign with. You become the means by which your close family, friends and followers can donate and gain reward. Who knows you may also inspire them to start their own campaign. There is barakah in it all, subhanAllah.

Let’s talk about how you can get started on your own P2P campaign.

First, think about what you’re interested in the most.

LaunchGood has a community page for any cause you can think of. After choosing a cause you're passionate about and want to make a difference in, go to a charity’s community page that provides that support/relief to the community.

Once you are at a community page, you are just 3 clicks away from making your campaign live. Click one is “Start a campaign” that you’ll see under the page’s description. Next you give your unique campaign a title and set a goal for it. So say you want to build a water well with Paani Project, you can title it “Help Zara Build a Water Well in Pakistan,” set the goal to any amount you'd like to start with, and click next. Best part about a P2P campaign is everything is pre-filled after this point, including description and the banking information. So the last click is making your campaign live unless you want to add a description of what the campaign means to you, which is highly recommended.

Just like that you’re now a part of something so much bigger than yourself. You can make a huge impact in the community that goes beyond one donation to a campaign because you’re now hosting one. Your busy schedule is now filled with a little if not a lot more barakah and that’s just 3 clicks away.

Turn your good intention into action and LaunchGood with a P2P campaign of your choice!

Get extra support from our team!

Whether you have questions on getting started or you want to discuss strategy, our global campaign success team is here to help. Click here to book a time with one of our team members and start your LaunchGood today!

Zara Khan is an Influencer Marketing Specialist at LaunchGood. She loves journaling, café-hopping, volunteering and making a positive impact in the world.