HCI redefines fundraising through influencers

2 weeks into Ramadan and influencers have already raised millions of dollars and are dominating the daily leaderboard, especially those partnered with HCI (Human Concern International).

Influencer fundraising isn't new, but the level of sophistication and intentionality HCI puts into it is new - and it's really paying off!

In this article, HCI's own Omar Alsayyed & LaunchGood's Naveen Khan share insights into how they do it.

4 keys to successful influencer-led fundraising

Influencer-led fundraising is NOT just getting some influence to retweet your fundraising campaign.

You need:

  1. A strategy
  2. Clear brand-alignment
  3. Support for the influencer
  4. Incentives - for the influencer & their followers

Finding and effectively partnering with an influencer with only a little over 2 weeks left in Ramadan is not easy! But it may very well be worth it.

And it's definitely worth it in the long run.

Strategy: Be you & take your time

HCI's strategic approach to using influencers started three years ago, when they built their marketing operation with the help of Process Plus Marketing.

After successfully testing the model with four influencers, HCI expanded the program with Hassan Wadi at the helm, which has since grown 10x and generated substantial returns.

But it's crucial to note that a successful influencer program requires an organization to have a unique strategy.

Business-guru Michael Porter says this about strategy:

"Competitive strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value.”

If you’re planning to just copy what HCI has done, it won’t help you find a creative flow that resonates with your own followers. Our formula is constantly evolving and so should yours. 

Clear brand-alignment: Define ideal influencer profile

Influencers work because:

  1. Trust they've earned with their followers
  2. Engaging content they create regularly
  3. Collabs with other influencers

Selecting the right influencers is crucial and should be based on factors like:

  • culture
  • values
  • geography
  • language
  • reach
  • content quality
  • price

Before you start reaching out to influencers, go through the above checklist and figure out what your ideal influencer would look like.

Then start your search.

Influencers can be seen as "changemakers" by using their platforms to create meaningful change, raise awareness, and give a voice to the voiceless. The right influencers can accelerate a campaign, reach new donors, and establish a long-lasting relationship.

Support for the influencer: commit to them, they'll commit to you

A framework for fundraising success includes a strong, trustworthy voice, like HCI's brand ambassador Hassan Wadi.

Hassan has built a team to recruit, manage and support influencers with fundraising.

HCI emphasizes that creative freedom is essential for both the organization and the influencers. Charities should put out content that engages audiences by making them laugh, cry, think, or engage.

Influencers can be part of the content strategy, but the organization's content and the influencer content must work together.

Incentives - for the influencer & their followers

LaunchGood's Ramadan Leaderboards are perfect for influencers - they provide thousands of dollars of boosts for getting the Most Raised and Most Donations daily!

This is great for influencers because it gamifies their fundraising and empowers their followers to play a role.

This is crucial: you need to provide incentives for the influencer and their followers.

In Maryam's case, she's won over $20,000 in boosts for her campaign because it keeps showing up on the leaderboard!

An Influential Ramadan at LaunchGood

Year after year, LaunchGood witnesses the exponential growth of its charities who harness the potential of influencers. We truly experience the magic of this influencer-charity  relationship in Ramadan, when this collaboration is in full force. Influencers passionately raise awareness amongst their audience about their charity’s meaningful cause, and the charity gets to witness the power of having a brand ambassador who advocates for them.

HCI is an incredible example of a charity which has transformed its online presence by unleashing the potential of its influencers. It recognized that each influencer has a different audience, and strategically partnered with them for relevant causes. By giving them creative freedom and empowering them with strong content, HCI’s influencers have been able to transform their fundraising strategy by raising hundreds of thousands of dollars on LaunchGood within days.

When Canada’s oldest charity, HCI, raises funds on the world’s largest Muslim-led crowdfunding platform through the voice of influencers, it redefines crowdfunding. 🔥

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Co-author Omar Alsayyed

Naveen is a creative humanitarian who uses her Islamic Art to stimulate change within her community. She also mentors 500+ students!