TLDR: The new Qurbani selector will increase your exposure, conversions and donations, inshaAllah.

This new feature won’t be available by default for your campaign. Read on to learn more! 📖 

This Dhul Hijjah, all fundraisers can showcase their Qurbani efforts to donors in two distinct locations:

  1. Your usual fundraising/ campaign page.
  2. A new Qurbani selector experience (you won't want to miss this!)

Three reasons why joining the Qurbani selector is worth your time:

1. A natural Qurbani experience for your donors that would increase your exposure and conversion rates.

We're dedicated to reviving the cherished tradition of Qurbani for donors in a modern way. Traditionally, people visited local butchers, wet markets, or mosques to select an animal for sacrifice and decide whom to donate the extra meat to. 

We aim to preserve this heartfelt experience while adapting it for today's world.

Now donors can select the location, type of animal, and budget for their Qurbani, right from their devices. 📲✨

Why This Matters to You: Your fundraisers/campaigns will have greater visibility, and your opportunities for receiving donations will be enhanced, insha'Allah.

2. Raise more on each of your Giving Level’s with the Qurbani share feature (coming soon)

Qurbani is a communal experience, shared with family, friends, and the broader community. It involves not just individuals, but entire families actively participating together.

To enhance this collective spirit, we are introducing a 'Qurbani share' feature.

This allows users to select Qurbani shares for themselves and for others as well, simply by clicking 'Add Shares’.

What does this mean for you: InshaAllah, every share added, would increase donations to you, helping you to raise more.

3. Benefit from the wide promotion of the Qurbani selector

It's not just about the Qurbani selector itself; it's also about how we're going to promote it.

InshaAllah, starting on the third day of Dhul Hijjah, you'll find our new Qurbani selector prominently showcased across LaunchGood's website—from the main banner on our homepage to the footer and even in the navigation menu (hamburger menu). This means, inshaAllah, a substantial amount of traffic will be coming to this page.

What does this mean for you: More traffic coming to the selector means more traffic to your fundraiser.

Visualization of the different areas the Qurbani selector will be promoted:  Slide show blog page

Important Note: This feature is not applied automatically! Discover how you can join the Qurbani selector experience here.

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