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Here’s a summary of the main developments:

  • Rescuers are racing the clock to find survivors in the rubble more than 48 hours after Morocco's deadliest earthquake in more than six decades.
  • More than 2,800 people were killed in a disaster that devastated villages in the High Atlas Mountains.
  • A local official said most deaths were in mountainous areas that were hard to reach.
  • Scientists said the earthquake, which was centred in Ighil, measured at least 6.8 magnitude, though some readings have it higher. It was said to be a relatively shallow earthquake – usually the most destructive sort.
  • In Marrakech, some buildings in the old city, a Unesco world heritage site, have been damaged or destroyed.

For more detailed updates, you can refer to the live coverage by The Guardian.

Our Response at LaunchGood

At LaunchGood, we believe in the power of community and collective action. We are mobilizing our resources and network to provide immediate relief to those affected by the earthquake. Our team is working closely with local organizations and partners on the ground and international agencies across the world to ensure that aid reaches those in need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4 Ways You Can Extend a Helping Hand

1. Donate to a verified fundraiser Every contribution, regardless of its size, has the potential to significantly alter someone's post-disaster circumstances. We invite you to explore and support various campaigns at

2. Start Your Own Campaign: For those moved to act, LaunchGood provides the ideal platform. Start a campaign tailored to the earthquake relief initiatives, and benefit from our unique Flash Support Fund. You can raise funds for your registered not for profit or simply fundraise for approved fundraisers. LaunchGood offers 0% platform fees to start a campaign.

3. Amplify:
Amplification can drive support. Share the various campaigns through your social media channels, within personal and professional networks, and in community groups. The more awareness we can collectively generate, the more expansive our relief efforts can be.

4. Pray: Prayer is paramount. Take a moment in your day and keep the people of Morocco in your prayers.

The Flash Support Fund For Morocco Earthquake Relief

In light of this tragic event, we are launching our Flash Support Fund For Morocco Earthquake. This initiative is specifically designed to strengthen campaigns that are raising funds to provide relief and support to the victims of the earthquake. Here's how it works:

Matching Funds: For campaigns that manage to raise their first $2,000 within the initial 24 hours, we will match it with an additional $2,000 (in local currency). This means that your contributions will have double the impact! We have earmarked $50,000 for this initiative, generously sponsored by our Friday Giver donor community.

Eligibility: This fund is exclusively for campaigns related to the Morocco Earthquake relief efforts. You do not need to contact us, simply submit your campaign and go live and begin fundraising.

Safeguarding Your Generosity on LaunchGood

When it comes to supporting causes close to your heart, we understand the importance of feeling confident and secure in your decision to donate. At LaunchGood, we prioritize the safety of our donors and have implemented measures to ensure that your generosity is protected and directed appropriately.

Secure Transactions

Every donation made on LaunchGood is processed using advanced encryption techniques. This ensures that your personal and financial information remains confidential and protected from any potential breaches. Our platform uses the same level of encryption as leading financial institutions, ensuring your transactions are as secure as possible.

Rigorous Campaign Vetting

Before any campaign goes live on our platform, it undergoes a comprehensive vetting process. Our team reviews the details, verifies the authenticity of the cause, and checks the background of the campaign creators. This rigorous process ensures that only genuine campaigns are hosted on our platform.

Note: While we accept donations worldwide, only people in supported countries can start fundraisers for Morocco.

The Role of LaunchGood in Navigating Natural Disaster Campaigns

At LaunchGood, our mission goes beyond just providing a platform. We are actively involved in ensuring the success of campaigns. For us, when tragedy or disaster strikes for our community, we feel a duty to help! LaunchGood is a crowdfunding platform focused on the global Muslim community. Our vision is to inspire & empower Muslims globally. LaunchGood went live in October 2013 and is now the most effective fundraising platform for Muslims worldwide.

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