As Ramadan nears, Muslims globally prepare to begin their spiritual journey of fasting, prayer, and overall ihsan (excellence). An often lesser focus, is excellence in our charity. Scheduled Giving, has been developed to allow us to achieve excellence in our charity during Ramadan, by giving daily charity across 30 different causes during the holy month.

Here at the benefits:

  • Maximizing Blessings: In Ramadan, our deeds are multiplied, Every prayer, every fast, and every overall act of ihsan counts. Donating with intention during this time amplifies blessings,
  • Build up the ummah: Your donations during this month can help build the ummah year long, and help you develop the habit of consistent charity. Check out our discovery page to learn more about causes around the globe that need your help.
  • Ease of Planning: With Scheduled Giving, you can set daily giving goals during Ramadan, spreading kindness and catching Laylatul Qadr. Each donation makes a significant impact, vetted for efficacy.

Wondering how it works? We’re here to help.

Here are the easy steps that you can take to set up Scheduled Giving:

  • Schedule your giving period
  • Enter your nightly giving amount
  • Choose a payment method
  • Finalize your giving list

And just like that, MashaAllah you are in!

Gather shoulder to shoulder with 77k+ contributors who've donated $6.3 million so far. Together, let's illuminate Ramadan with consistent charity.

Aeysha is a member of the marketing department, works primarily with product and fundraiser communication.