Everyone wants to support our Ummah in one way or another, but not everyone has the same capabilities. Therefore, the way to go is to allow everyone to pick and choose how they want to give in their preferred way through various giving options.  

At A Continuous Charity, you will find various ways to give and support Muslim students and aspiring future leaders.

Below, we will list some of the giving options you can find at ACC.

Open an Educational Partnership Fund 

Invest in the higher education of your community, this initiative not only helps students avoid riba but also fosters a sense of unity and communal support within the Muslim community. 

Legacy Funds

You will get to give the gift of education and leave your legacy or that of a loved one for future generations. Establishing a Legacy Fund with A Continuous Charity (ACC) offers donors like you a meaningful opportunity to impact the world by creating an educational fund. You determine what fields of study or demographics of students to support as well as the name of   the fund such as your family, a loved one, or a business.

Matching Gifts 

With this feature on A Continuous Charity you get to double your donation & double your impact!

Monthly Giving

With A Continuous Charity’s monthly giving program you can sign up to give an affordable monthly payment to support their mission. As a Guardian you will safekeep the barakah within the education of Muslim students. You can sign up for a monthly payment of any amount that will go towards any ACC program of your picking.

Such options are a very good opportunity for giving you a variety of options when it comes to supporting without limitations to one's abilities. We at LaunchGood emphasize the importance of higher education of Muslim students and impact for the better in the future of the community.

Make sure to keep up with LaunchGood to learn more about topics in the Muslim community. 

LaunchGood offers a variety of giving options for you, we will list some of them below.

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