Yaqeen Institute has plenty of available Islamic eBooks. The journey of faith often involves seeking answers and understanding the profound wisdom behind the messages that shape our spiritual landscapes. In the book "The Final Prophet: Proofs for the Prophethood of Muhammad" by Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy and "Qur'an 30for30: Seerah Edition" by Dr. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Ismail Kamdar, readers embark on a profound exploration of the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the interconnected revelations of the Qur'an

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"The Final Prophet: Proofs for the Prophethood of Muhammad"

In the tapestry of history, fourteen centuries ago, the final revelation of God graced the world through Muhammad ﷺ, spreading the message of Islam across Arabia, neighbouring lands, and eventually, the entire globe. Today, nearly two billion people embrace and follow this profound message. But who was Muhammad ﷺ, and how can we be certain of his role as a true messenger of God?

In this enlightening book, Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy delves into the multitude of proofs surrounding Muhammad’s ﷺ prophethood. Offering abundant, comprehensive, and rational pathways, the book leads to one certain conclusion: Muhammad ﷺ was undeniably the final messenger of God to the world.

What’s in the Book:

Six powerful methods to prove the prophethood of the final messenger, Muhammad ﷺ.

Over 30 prophecies made by Muhammad ﷺ, were meticulously explored and fulfilled.

Detailed logical and rational arguments, empower readers in presenting the message of Islam to others.

"Qur’an 30for30: Seerah Edition" 

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The Qur'an, revealed over 23 years, intricately intertwines with the Prophet's ﷺ Seerah (biography).

Numerous chapters and verses address specific events during the Seerah, unveiling a profound connection between the two. Which surahs hold a special reason for revelation, and how can understanding this context deepen our appreciation of the Qur’an?

Embark on a journey through key events in the life of the Prophet ﷺ with "Qur’an 30for30: Seerah Edition." This book, authored by Dr. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Ismail Kamdar, not only provides brief summaries from Season 2 of Qur’an 30for30 but also delves into important Seerah stories related to various surahs. Gain additional context through insights from books of tafsir and author commentary.

What’s in the Book:

Summaries from Season 2 of Qur’an 30for30.

Significant Seerah stories connected to various surahs.

Additional context derived from books of tafsir and author commentary.

Tip: Enhance your Qur’an 30for30 Season 3 viewing experience by reading the eBook chapter corresponding with each day’s juz before watching the episode!

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